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FDNY Fire Safety Notice (Non-Combustible) Vinyl Adhesive

1 Unit (100 Signs)

$125.00 / for 100 signs


Special Pricing for bulk orders

Each Unit contains 100 signs

1-9 units (of 100 Signs per Unit) $1.25 per sign [100 – 900 signs]

10-50 units (of 100 Signs per Unit) $1.10 per sign [1,000 – 5,000 signs]

51+ units (of 100 Signs per Unit) $1.00 per sign [5,100+ signs]

  • Each Unit Contains 100 Signs
  • Special Pricing Will Be Applied In Checkout
  • No Refunds Or Exchanges
  • Minimum Order Of 1 Unit (100 signs)
  • Shipping Included
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Quantity based pricing table

Min Max Unit Price
51 100 $100.00
10 50 $110.00
And more. $125.00

As per FDNY Section of Law §408-02 this notice shall be posted in each of the following location:

(1)    Dwelling unit door. On the inside surface of the front or main entrance door of each dwelling unit in the building.

(2)    Common area. In a conspicuous location near any common mailbox area customarily used by building occupants, or if there is no common mailbox area, in a conspicuous location in or near the elevators or main stairwell.

As per FDNY requirements, this product is in accordance with :

Material: matte-finish vinyl (non-metal) adhesive-backed decal three (3) mils in thickness, using a thermal printing water-resistant printing technique

Dimensions: 5 ½ inches by 8 ½ inches with rounded corners

Mounting: easily remove the backing and affix onto required location

Colors: Black font on a white backing

FDNY Requirements

*No refunds or exchanges